Suicide Assessment

Sometimes life overwhelms us and suicide can seem like the way out.

Watch as blank implements the interpersonal-psychology theory of suicidal behavior during a suicide intervention at a community mental health clinic.

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Client Withdrawal

What do you do when a client disengages in session?

Watch as blank implements Two-Person Psychology to attend to a Withdrawal Marker in the private practice setting.

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Authority in Groups

Group counseling carries the challenge of helping members understand the leader's role.

Watch as blank implements Interactive Group Development theory to guide an adolescent inpatient facility group through a session where authority is the primary concern.

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The Place To See

No type of training can replace watching real counselors work with real clients.

At Karenina our goal is to provide high-quality videos that show just that; real counselors in action.

Here at Karenina you will find lessons on a variety of techniques. Each lesson contains a video of the technique in action, audio commentary, interactive transcript, instruction on the technique, and directions for obtaining continuing education credits.

Give Karenina a try. We believe you will not be disappointed.


Our Motto

Tears are the necessary lubrication that makes the machine of mutual confidence function properly - Tolstoy, from Anna Karenina