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Who We Are

Karenina is composed of a small group of Counselor Education Professionals. Though from diverse backgrounds we all have a common goal: Provide counselors with the best practical training available.

Your Instructors

Currently Karenina is led by three primary instructors, each with unique professional and educational backgrounds.


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In addition to being trained in EMDR and Emotion-Focused Therapy blank is a huge fan of contact sports.

He and his kids never miss Wrestlemania.


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After working for several years in an adolescent girls inpatient facility helping other families children blank decided to have his own child.

It is a boy.

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Along with experience working with the severely mentally ill blank is also a proponent of Mindfulness exercises.

The most effective of which is riding his Harley.

Our Motto

Tears are the necessary lubrication that makes the machine of mutual confidence function properly - Tolstoy, from Anna Karenina